Wounded General

That morning when I finally experienced fog in a beautiful woodland.
This is probably the first image that I’m really proud about, and I consider portfolio material.
I scouted the location first and than waited for fog forecast to go back shooting some promising composition.
Besides the conditions and composition, I feel like this image has a story to tell, this old beech tree grows on the remains of ancient trenches, to my eyes it looked like an old wounded soldier that keeps fighting after all this time.


This stopped me in my tracks @alberto !! Portfolio material indeed.

I really like the conditions that you had and how you were able capture it so beautifully. You captured the mood of this wounded soldier. Nicely done.

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Thank you very much Gary! i’m glad that you like it!

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Very nice indeed, Excellent

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Thanks so much Danny

This is simply gorgeous Alberto. I love the softness, subtle greens and composition. Superbly done!

Thanks Keith appreciate your kind words!

Well done, Alberto. You captured a very thought-provoking subject in an atmospheric scene. It’s nice when the fog rolls in. Completely changes everything.

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Thanks much appreciated

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Wow, really caught my eye, spectacular!!!

This is awesome. Looks fantastic on my phone. No nits from me…Jim