Wrapped in Warmth

Hi everyone, and Happy Holidays! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately but the weather has been wonderful and I’ve been on the road a lot for the past 2 months. Have taken a BUNCH of images but haven’t had time to process many.

This is a 6 frame manual blend for exposure. I don’t really like using an HDR program because I just don’t like the look they produce, and I haven’t spent the necessary time to master the program so I just prefer to manually blend. I hope the results aren’t terrible.

Obviously a sunset shot but I also wanted some of the FG sides to be visible, along with the late light hitting the golden Cord Grass in the middle right.

This is cropped pretty much from the bottom as the bottom appeared too dark even with the blend.

The title is derived from it being a warm afternoon and I was wrapped up in my mosquito net shirt and head net and sweating like a pig! My poor legs were not covered with mosquitoes, but thankfully, I am not allergic to mosquito bites but they still drive me crazy when they get into my ears and eyes so I still consider the head net a necessity.

Specific Feedback Requested

As far as specific feedback, I would love to know if the blend works for you, and specific suggestions on how to blend this better.

Other than that, any comments, suggestions, and critiques overall are always helpful and welcomed.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Fuji GFX50s w/32-64 @ 34mm
1/8 @ f/13, +2 exposure compensation, 100 ISO


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Bill. What I like the most is the row of tree reflections on the left that seen so uniform. The right side of the canal does less for me. I can actually see vertical of the left side.

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