Yachats daybreak

Typical Yachats, Oregon morning…it always looks pastel here to me…

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D610, 38mm, f11, .2 sec.

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Excellent image. The muted, yes pastel, colors are wonderful. I am not sure about the piece of drift wood being included, but that’s probably how you found the scene and recorded it as it was. .2 sec. is just right.

The pastels make for a very calm and soothing image Dan. And with these waves, the image is oddly both calm and dynamic at the same time. You gotta love wet rocks and sand, they beautifully reflect the color in the sky. To me the color in the sand is almost as interesting as the color in the sky. I go back and forth on the log that @Jim_Gavin mentioned. If you think it’s part of the story you are trying to tell, then I’d leave it in. If this were mine, I’d remove it because I think it draws attention away from the lovely gold color in the sand.

Dan, an excellent image with amazing colors, and just a perfect capture of the water movement. I would have liked to have the driftwood somewhat more into the image. The sky have very nice colors, but could there be a possibility to crop away a part of the sky?