Yellow Rose

This, of course, is a yellow rose. The image was taken at Heritage Museum & Gardens on Cape Cod. I’m considering adding this to my website portfolio, but I’d love to first hear opinions about it.

I liked the soft yellow coloring of the flower itself. I don’t have a color-calibrated monitor (yet), so I’m curious about how it looks on other people’s screens, and also if you think any additional noise reduction is needed.

This was taken with a Nikon DSLR, with a 55-200mm lens and no tripod. Focal length was 240mm (35mm equiv.) Exposure was 1/400sec, f/7.1, ISO 720.

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Overall I like this image, Mark. It’s difficult to comment on the strength of the yellows without having seen the flower itself - they look maybe a touch pale on my monitor but still very attractive. I can’t see any noise issue. I wonder whether a centred comp might work slightly better - but that’s just personal preference. I repeat - an attractive image.

The yellows look natural on my screen. My only suggestion would be to darken some of the background highlights as they draw my eye a bit. Otherwise a nice, pleasing image.

I don’t see any serious noise issue, Mark. It’s hard to comment on the yellows without having seen the original. On my monitor, the center of the rose looks nicely yellow while the outer petals are almost a bronze color. I do think a bit more canvas on the left would make the composition more pleasant. I really like the point of focus and depth of field in this image. Nicely done.

Thanks everyone! Ian and Dennis, I agree about using a more centered composition. I’ll try that. And thanks Patricia regarding the background highlights - I’ll clean those up too.

I just recently discovered NPN, and this was my first posted image. Thanks again for the great feedback!

Mark: Welcome to NPN and thanks for a fine first post here. The yellows look good to me and the suggestions from the others would make a good image even better. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more. >=))>

Thanks Bill! I appreciate the welcome.

Thanks again for the feedback everyone. Here’s the updated image.

A fine job on the repost, Mark. A definite improvement.