Yhprum’s law

Yhprum’s law

(Prajit Ravindran) #1

The opposite of Murphy’s law is know as Yhprum’s law (duh) which states: “Everything that can work, will work.” I got to witness it first hand while shooting this scene. To compliment the awesome light a flock of birds flew right into the frame. I managed to capture of two(the second one might take longer to spot) of them in this 2 shot panorama.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

2 shot panorama. Each frame shot at 800mm, ISO 400, f/8, 1/2000 s

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(Antonello Provenzale) #2

I like the composition of the scene, and the dark-light contrast from right to left in the cloudy sky… a very pleasant image.

(Mark Price) #3

Great mood to this one. I like that light just clipping the top of the peak …

(Ed McGuirk) #4

The light on that blowing snow along the ridge-line is spectacular. And i like how you have processed to surround it with pretty dark shadow areas, it does a great job of emphasizing the dramatic light in this scene.

(Prajit Ravindran) #5

@Antonello_Provenzale @Mark_Price @Ed_McGuirk Thanks for the kind words!