Yosemite Spring

Spring, Yosemite Valley

Chamonix 4x5
Schneider 210mm
Kodak Portra 160 Color Negative
f-45 @ 8s
1800 dpi scan, PSCC, TK’s masks
May 2013 Reworked 2018

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Nice take on a Yosemite spring.

Preston, wonderful closeup of this small cascade. I really like the excellent diagonal to this scene. That is one POV or angle I seem to miss with my own work. Nice to see the 4x5 shot too, makes the DOF an easy task with the tilt in the end…:+1:

Excellent micro falls…
A lot of detail and a lot to look at.

You do these intimate landscapes so well and this one is no exception, Preston. The greens are lovely and I like the way the diagonal placement of the cascade divides the image in half. The reflected sky along the edge is also a nice touch.

Beautiful take on this classic. In addition to the water, I especially like the extra inclusion of the water, reflection and color above the cascades.

A peaceful and appealing image, Preston.

Wonderful details, Preston. Nice work!

Really nice work capturing this, Preston. I like the diagonal composition and the wonderful detail. The water falling over the falls looks fantastic! Beautiful 4x5 work!

I love how the moving water contrasts with the granite. The bit of reflected sky color along the edge is also a nice touch.

Beautiful work Preston. You have a way with this tiny scenes that makes the final picture so engaging.