Young one

Young one

SF Zoo

Technical Details

Composite: No
Edited in PSE, On1 Perfect Effects and NIK
Lumix FZ150 - 1/200, f/4.5, 100 ISO, 490mm equivalent


Nice painterly look. I like it.

Interesting combination of post tools. Did you work it a lot, or use their equivalent of presets and which ones?

Thanks @BrettOssman - I used PSE to do some clean-up of the image and for levels (I believe) then NIK to just see what would happen (applied contrast and glow from what I remember) followed by Perfect Effects where I added a Vignette and did some selective sharpening. If I remember correctly this cub was behind glass so I played with numerous options to find what I hoped would draw out the subject on what was an otherwise flat image.

Generally I use Perfect Effects for most of my post-processing and have a slew of presets, both acquired and created.

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