Young White-tail Buck

He walked right up to me, about 50-60 feet away and never saw my bright red pullover. Being down-wind from him, I can only assume he could hear me breathing which gave him pause, until he finally saw me bring my camera up to take a few more pictures as a sneaked closer. With a disapproving snort, he turned and jumped off. Truly a magical experience for me.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

5D3 at 400mm (100-400 L II)
ISO 320

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It seems, he had noticed you, when you took this frame.
Beautiful light on the grassland.

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I think he knew something was there but couldn’t quite tell what. He would raise his nose to the air and try to sniff me out. He might have been able to barely make out my bright red pullover I was wearing.

Oh man, I really like this one. Really nice composition. Love the colors. And an awesome addition having another whitetail in the background.

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