This year’s crop. When I first saw it I t might have been its first flight. Very slow and wonky and wasn’t sure which flowers were the best. Sometimes it would spend time on the outside of flowers before putting that little beak where it should be. All a part of growing up and figuring things out. Recently it discovered these flowers and they are becoming a favorite as they are of its parents. It still moves slower than its parents, but is much faster than just a couple of weeks ago when it would tire easily and have to perch in the flowers. As if a hummingbird could get any cuter.

I see a couple of females frequently and they chase each other and this one, but the male is gone or else I’m just missing him when he visits.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Anything helpful is appreciated. Still trying to manage ISO, shutter speed and focus - I delete hundreds of shots for every one that works.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? no
Handheld on the couch


Basics done in Lr and then to Topaz Sharpen on very noisy. Went into Photoshop to remove a distracting bit. Back to Lr for a little lift in the mid-tones and a square crop.

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I think you did a superb job on the comp, color, and arrangement. Lower iso would be better but sometimes you have no choice. You may be further north in Wisconsin than I am in Washington State and that really does affect the brightness and forces us to use higher iso. For comparison sake, look at the iso on images posted from areas that are farther south.

Excellent, Kris. By far your best hummingbird image thus far. You really nailed the exposure and composition on this one.

Hi Kristen
I think you both fond the mark on this photograph. The framing, color, and detail on the Hummingbird is vary nice.

Thanks guys. S/he is a cutie. Got into a tiff with an adult a minute ago. Could have been mom.

Very nice. Composition and details are great. Well done.

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Really nice image! And so cute to be able to see the little ones!

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