A Creative Awakening

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Hi Nick!
I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the ins and outs, ups and downs of creative process. I had a period of incubation a while ago that was of about six months. It worried me at the time, but I came out with some new paths and new energy. Who knows what the process holds in the future!
Congratulations on becoming a father!

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Hey Mark!

Thanks for making the time to read my rambling! :slight_smile: It’s amazing to hear that you enjoyed the article and that some of the ideas in it resonated with your own experiences. This piece was a long time in the making and one that I felt was especially important to me personally as a way of working through some of the many things that were on my mind at the end of last year.

Congratulations on becoming a father!

Thank you! It’s been an exciting (and busy) journey!