A MAJOR shakeup to my camera equipment

Well, I am going to make a major shakeup to my camera equipment! I have been running this through my mind for some time now, arguing both sides back & forth trying to consider every pro & con to it, and I am finally pulling the switch. The con side is that I will probably lose quite a bit of money doing this, but the pro side is that it will make my life easier, and at my age, that is a MAJOR selling point.

So, what is the shakeup?

For the past several years I have been shooting two different systems, Fuji medium format for landscapes and Nikon for wildlife. Shooting medium format has been fantastic; the quality of the files is outstanding in every measurable way – incredible resolution and detail, very little to no noise, Fuji’s amazing quality lens selection, and easy processing. BUT, and there’s always a but, shooting two different systems has driven me crazy. Even after setting up both camera systems as parallel as possible, the differences are still vast. So, I WILL BE SELLING MY COMPLETE MEDIUM FORMAT SYSTEM and going back to using only Nikon once again. I have shot Nikon since 1978 and I am so comfortable with it that it seems like the obvious choice. Even so, I WILL BE SHAKING UP MY NIKON SYSTEM AS WELL. I WILL BE SELLING ALL OF MY CURRENT NIKON DSLR SYSTEM ALSO. A month or so ago, I purchased a new Nikon Z9 mirrorless body and several Nikkor Z lenses and have been testing them against my Fuji 50 & 100 megapixel bodies and their associated lenses. I have spent an untold number of hours testing and pixel peeping the resulting files. I’m satisfied the Z9’s 45 megapixel sensor compares very favorably with both Fuji bodies. There IS a difference, with Fuji being the winner, but they are close enough for the size images I produce where I believe it will be unnoticeable.

The MAIN difference is that I will no longer have to try to remember which Function button goes to which feature between three different bodies and two different systems! That might seem minor, but it has been a MAJOR thorn in my side for the past several years! I cannot express how much frustration this has caused me at times. Perhaps if I were younger my brain could keep up, but it’s been a losing battle so far. Just shooting Nikon’s Z9 is challenging enough by itself. With 30+ Function and programmable buttons to choose from and remember in each bank (and I use two banks) that’s over 60 options I must somehow squeeze into my already overloaded brain and then recall at a moment’s notice when needed. That’s quite enough for me, thank you very much.

I am still compiling my list of equipment to be sold, but I hope to have it ready to post within a day or two. If you are interested in picking up some amazing equipment, or if you know of anyone who may be interested, please refer them to either one of my FB pages, or to my email address (all linked below). After everything is compiled and ready to view, I will also link to my website.

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Bill, I can totally relate. Although after using my same hardware for the last 25+ years I’m truly on autopilot. Which for the most part keeps me out of trouble.
After reading your outline I will wish the best of luck overall. At the same time and seeing your stellar work clear back to our earlier days on NPN 1 I have all the confidence in the world you will come out on top with continued success… :sunglasses:

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Thanks Paul! So far, I am truly enjoying the Z9, and I hope to continue enjoying for the foreseeable future! Once I sell all my other equipment I’ll pick up a second Z9 to make things easier, but first things first.

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