A Suggestion for Posters To The Gear Forum

If you are having computer hardware/software or camera problems, it is very helpful to be specific. Here are few items to include in your post that will help us help you…

Computer Problems :

  • Machine Platform (PC, Mac, or other platform)
  • Operating System and Version
  • Processor Speed
  • Amount of RAM
  • Associated hardware that may be applicable to the problem.
  • The text of any error messages and/or Error Code(s)
  • Details of the symptoms
  • Steps you have already taken to solve the problem, and the results.

Camera Issues :

  • Camera Make and Model
  • Card type and size you are using
  • Is the camera’s firmware up to date?
  • Error messages or codes
  • Symptoms of the problem
  • Actions already taken to correct the problem

Software Issues :

  • Computer Platform
  • Operating System and Version
  • Name of the program and Version
  • Other programs in use at the time the error occurred
  • Text of error messages, if any
  • Symptoms of the problem
  • Steps you have already taken to correct, and the results.

With regard to computer program problems: Uninstalling and reinstalling is not the first step to take. Doing so may serve only to compound the problem. Sometimes, the issue with a particular program does not lie with that program, but may be due to a conflict, or an issue with the OS or a shared file. That’s why the text of error messages is so important.

If possible, it is also helpful to post screen shots, especially for issues with image editing software.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to track down the root cause of an issue and arrive at a solution. Therefore, the more specific the information you provide at the outset is a really big help to the helpers!

Updated on September 1, 2018

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