And Another One Bites the Dust. Thank Nature's pixel gods for NPN.

Did anybody notice that Outdoor Photographer Magazine went belly-up with the June/July issue? I guess that means that not enough people subscribed to it – which suggests that it was perhaps irrelevant to nature photographers generally. But I did subscribe, and over the years I did learn a lot from some of the columnists and stories.

News of the magazine’s demise wasn’t surprising, but it was dismaying, given that it was preceded by fairly widespread reporting that the magazine had failed to pay its staff and contributors for some time.

I’m sorry to see it go.

Yet, along with the on-again-off-again, near-death experiences of other photography media (DP Review and the like), it makes our own Nature Photographers Network all the more valuable to me.

And all the more, it makes me appreciate David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick for stepping up back in 2018, to keep NPN alive. Thank you, David. And thank you, Jennifer. It’s a wonderful, vibrant community of good folks, and I think perhaps we may owe you more than you know.

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Yes, it’s the end of an era. The problem wasn’t so much subscribers, but gross mismanagement. Many of the writers were not payed, Jennifer included. There was an article on Petapixel a while back that explains it well:

I’m thrilled that we have been able to bring Nature Vision Magazine to life. It’s certainly not the same as OP in any way, but I see it as an evolution to something deeper and more profound.

Thank you Michael, I am incredibly passionate about NPN and am always thinking of new ways to make it even better. I’m glad you found us!


It’s sad to see this magazine go. I’ve learned so much from their articles and columnists over the years. Sad also that the new owners aren’t honoring the contributors contracts.

Hi David, I’m very glad that Nature Vision is guided by your vision for the magazine!

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Are social media forums in part to blame for this? I see it happening with newspapers and wouldn’t be surprised that social media forums are also affecting the production of magazines. It’s sad to see OPM go.

I strongly suspect you’re right about that, Egídio. Along with most of the world’s short attention spans, inability to read, general dumbing down, etc. Oh, and let us not forget the role of capitalism itself in the demise of all good things that don’t turn sufficient profit for the CEOs and stakeholders…

There is so much information out there these days that we begin to skim rather than read attentively. I know I do. I notice that when I’m away from the web I read and see with greater intensity. More goes in.


Hi Igor, I agree with you. There’s so much information to absorb anymore. I sometimes wonder how the citizens of a democracy can possibly stay on top of all the issues, problems, and alternatives that they need to know about, in order to vote responsibly. But, I wax away from photography and the demise of Outdoor Photographer. My bad!

Huh. Sad and not sad. I used to love OP. “failed to pay copntributors” Yep, they once offered me $1,000 to write a story, and after I spent much time writing and delivering it, that was the last I heard from them. Not even an explanation. So, not sad :blush:

I’d never argue with you on that point. My bigger point, however, was about the loss of once-good media.

My sincere sympathies to all who have become victims of a poor business transaction. After decades of subscribing and contributing, I, like everyone else, was blindsided by the way the sale and transfer of OPM was conducted. My final two contributions were published in the last two editions. When my contracted payments failed to be made, I contacted the managing editor who revealed the sale of the magazine. She made an inquiry on my behalf regarding payment but responded that BeBop was not paying anyone and she was no longer employed by the company.

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