Ask Me Anything with Sean Bagshaw

NPN is excited to announce our first-ever Ask Me Anything (AMA), and our first guest is the highly respected landscape photographer Sean Bagshaw! This is your chance to ask Sean any burning questions you have about him, photography, or anything else on your mind.

This will be a live event that starts on Tuesday, August 27th at 2:00 pm EST and will only last for 24 hours. When the event starts you can find it at the link below and everyone is welcome to participate. You won’t find anything there until the event is live.

Join the AMA on Tuesday, August 27th at 2:00 pm EST

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I love this idea! Do you have a list of people that you are going to invite?


We have a lot of people in mind (including you!), I’m sure you could recommend a lot from the podcast as well, we’ll be in touch :wink:


Wonderful idea and way to mentor fellow NPN photographers.
Thank you!


That Easter Island Shot! WOW


EXCELLENT! This will be great feature.