Barn Owl(s)

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I am interested to hear peoples immediate reaction …does it have impact?

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Image Description

I have been working on a number of Barn Owl images for the past few months. I had a very productive half hour with this one in early March at dusk with a strong setting sun just clipping the top of the hill. I came away with quite a few good images and eventually decided that I might try this montage as a way of showing the birds movement through the sky. These images of the Owl were taken from a 2 second burst as it flew past me at about 60 yards. I am pleased with it but I have never tried anything like this before.
(I am indebted to the fabulous work of Xavi Bou for inspiration:)

Technical Details

Olympus OM-1
Panasonic Leica 100-400 @ 400mm
Much manipulation in PhotoShop!

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  • Color:
  • Lighting:
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  • Technical:

Hi Ryan
Impact yes, My first question is how was this photograph put together? This photograph needs to be view in a much larger size, so you can see the Barn Owls with better detail.

It has a lot of impact on me.
When I see barn owls there is rarely more than one and usually in a structure. I agree with Peter’s comments.

Impactful; grabs your attention. Nice to have the owl coming at the viewer. I like the light and setting and the light of the setting sun on the owl. Good job on the composite.

I’d say it has impact, but I would change the title to owl singular. Or maybe “Owl Flight Series”. We have Barn owls on our property most years, but they’re so determinedly nocturnal that I’ve never seen one flying with enough light to even attempt a photograph. Getting this series is great and you did a very nice job on the composite.

Just outstanding light and distribution of the owls. Lucky shot.

Fantastic!! And very well executed!! Impact, for sure – and interest and artistic quality! Very well done! And thanks for the links to some fantastic work!

Hi Ryan, Really interesting image and an eye stopper. It’s like a study of an owls flight. Very nice.

Really interesting series of flight poses with good sharpness on each bird. Nice light and the bit of clouds is a plus. Impactful frame.

Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated.
This is my first use of the whole layers thing in Photoshop, it wasn’t too difficult and I hope that it creates an interesting final image.