Before a tornado storm in San diego ca beach

Description: Part of my childhood and adulthood was in san diego ca so I come back there every fall. The weather is always predictable and sunsets are nice but usually with little clouds. This year when I was down there I heard warnings all day of a huge tornado storm coming and was even kicked out of one beach earlier in the day as they stated the beach is very dangerous during tornados. But I only had a week so I had to stop for a little time to take pictures of the sunset. That was one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen, The colors of the sky and the clouds was just amazing. So I kept shooting trying to find interesting compositions, I didn’t know how much time I have before it will get very dangerous so I worked fast. The wind was very strong so I couldn’t do long exposure. I am not sure the picture I chose to show expresses the intensity of the situation.

Specific Feedback Requested: I would appreciate ant feedback but especially about the editing, if I should more light or do anything else with it, Thanks.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: sonya6000 mirrorless camera 10-18 lens 18 mm, f14 1/8 sec. tripod and shutter release.

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites) no

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Hi Tamar, welcome to NPN and the Weekly Challenge. This is a lovely (and peaceful looking) sunset (in spite of the weather predictions…). The cloud angling across from the upper right with the glow underneath adds a nice bit of visual dynamics. The rocks at the bottom are nicely stable. Since, when I created this challenge, I was looking for pictures showing storms in action, I don’t think this fits the theme very well, even as it’s a lovely view. When I look at the large view, I see a number of small round areas that are a bit darker than the clouds behind them. I think these are likely to be dust spots on the sensor. Does your camera have built in sensor cleaning? If not, there are cleaning kits with instructions for sale. As far as composition, this is fine as presented. For a significantly different view, using a longer lens to leave out the darkest parts on the left and emphasize the reflections and ripples would be another option.