Big Gulp

Nikon D500. Sigma 300mm. f/5.6 @ 1/1500. 1400 ISO.


Very cool, Michael. Did it manage to swallow that monster? Excellent job on the focus and exposure and I like the angle.

It did manage to swallow the fish. Here is the last shot I got:

HI Micheal
You have a great nature photograph. The lighting, color and detail are very nice. The shot is a little to close for me, I would like a little more of the big blue.

Thanks again, Peter, for your comments.
Unfortunately, for this kind of shot, there is seldom any time for set-up. I was floating past a reed-bed, when the GBH suddenly appeared with the fish in its beak. No time to zoom out or reframe. I agree, more of the bird would have been nice.

Hi Micheal
That the problem with their union, bird just never wait for to set up.
Great reaction