Check your ego

There is a little bit of the human touch in this one so I hope it’s ok.

A look back at a Badlands viewing platform with a couple folks on it and one more out on the ridge in front. I didn’t find what I was looking for with my original composition for this sunset so I turned around and wham - this looked pretty good. I was happy that one person walked out into the landscape since it adds such a sense of scale and proportion. We do get lost and become insignificant in landscapes like this. All part of the reason I get out in nature as often as I can - to feel a part of it instead of outside and separate.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything useful to improve processing is fine

Technical Details

Tripod probably, down fairly low as I recall


Lr for RAW work - reduced exposure a tad, also highlights and blacks, raised shadows and whites somewhat. Added texture, clarity and a touch of dehaze. Dark Drama sky preset @ 37%, inverted to up exposure and highlights. Photoshop to use masks as stencils to do some dodging and burning in the clouds and the land. Topaz Sharpen to bring up detail.

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Before I read the description, I knew it was classic badlands. I only drove through it once. But it is such a distinctive landscape. Nice job on the comp.

Thanks @David_Schoen - it is like nowhere else I’ve been. Could see myself going back one day.

That definitely shows the open spaces, Kris. Well done!

Thanks @David_Bostock - I’m glad I have at least one with a few people for scale.

Yes. So important. Love the title too.

Gorgeous sky throwing some subtle color on the landscape! I love the just-off-center horizon, with the sky getting the greater share. Wonderful tonal detail – no nits!

Thanks @Diane_Miller - very little color this morning in comparison to the other sunrise, but you take what you get, right? Glad the tonalities work - I did my best to make things look natural, yet give them a little drama and attention.