Chimborazo's Cosmos - Two Alternatives

Chimborazo’s Cosmos - Two Alternatives

Ethereal Chimborazo

The Moon and the Sky and the Clouds

Chimborazo’s Cosmos (posted yesterday)

Following on from my image posted yesterday, here are two alternative views taken the same night; one before moonset, the other after moonset but with a broken midlevel cloudbank passing by. I actually like the broken clouds image (“Ethereal Chimborazo”) best of all three, even if the orange glow is caused by anthropogenic light pollution rather than natural celestial phenomena.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all feedback on either. I’d be very happy to hear your thoughts on which of the three is the best of the batch. Thanks in advance.

Technical Details

All images Sony A7RIII with Tamron 17-28 mm f/2.8. Post-processing in LrC, PS, and Topaz Sharpen AI. I’m happy to provide my workflow if you are interested.

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I like Chimborazo’s Cosmos the best, mainly because to me the main subject as I see it (Milky Way) and the supporting mountain peaks have enough breathing room from the edges. For the other two images if the mountain peak is intended as the main subject it is close enough to the edges that the eye might leave the image to soon, and I’m not sure if the clouds are enough to be the main subject. I do like the orange color in Ethereal Chimborazo and the moonlight in The Moon and the Sky and the Clouds.


All are wonderful and each have their unique pluses. I love how the stary sky is prominently featured in the first “Ethereal” capture. Just the right amount of light on the peak to make it relevant and the thinly veiled and scattered clouds add a positive dimension.

With the Moon-and-the-sky, this is a totally different image - and just as beautiful. Not so ethereal and more straight forward, but very effective and a great execution to include the brightness of the moon on the landscape, mountain. Oh, and there’s stars too! Awesome accent to the scene.

And of course beautifully executed on the Milky Way image.

No suggestions really. Fantastic night-sky imaging from your excursions! Kudos!


Thanks for your comments, @DeanRoyer and @Lon_Overacker. Dean, I didn’t have much choice but to put the mountain so far down at the bottom of the frame while still capturing a significant area of clear sky above/in front of the clouds. Maybe I should “cheat” and add more “dark foreground” by adding blank canvas and stretching that dark area into that space?

All wonderful and a stunning collection from a special night! I’m glad I got to share the view!