Climate Disaster

Back in May of 2022 I spent some time in the Desert SW including Utah and Arizona. I ended my trip at Alstrom Point, which usually showcases the sheer scale of Lake Powell… when I arrived I was greeted by a massive dust storm, which cast haze all across the area, decreasing visibility. It also provided a stark backdrop for me to showcase just how much water has receded from the lake in recent years. Kind of scary, really, considering how many communities depend on this lake for their water and electricity.

Specific Feedback Requested:

N/A not really looking for feedback but feel free to provide it if you’d like!

Pertinent technical details or techniques:


Probably some room in my histogram to push it a bit more to the right. :wink:

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Matt, you’re showing a dire situation, with the limited dynamic range helping to create a dour mood. The layers and long lead into the haze look really good, especially in the large version. (There’s an article in today’s Washington Post about an unincorporated “suburb” near Phoenix that has been cut off from buying water from Scottsdale, so the water problems are happening.)

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Apocalyptic, although I wouldn’t have known it was Lake Powell without your explanation. I wouldn’t push the histogram any farther right; as Mark S. pointed out the lower contrast (and lack of brightness) contributes to the dismal mood. And yes - the water situation is going to get far worse. :grimacing:

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This image has impact. The dust haze in contrast with the light foreground rocks is most effective. I agree with @Bonnie_Lampley about keeping the contrast as is. The image is symbolic retribution for Edward Abbey who vehemently protested the damming of the river to create Lake Powell. Nature always wins, especially when people mess with it. Your title is perfect.

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I can’t imagine how there could be a better photo for this week’s theme! I think you nailed the tone of the situation with the postprocessing, too.

Thank you Larry - I really appreciate your feedback, sorry I’m just now seeing it!

Matt, I think you nailed stark in this image. It looks like a rover image from a different planet, not Earth.

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Thanks Steve! Yeah it definitely felt like another planet that’s for sure!

B&W !
Great mood the tonal scale reminds me of Edward Curtis’s landscapes of the late 1800s.
I agree never know it was Lake Powell, very important impact image.