Could you leave a testimonial for NPN?

Could you leave a testimonial for NPN?

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Hello everyone, we are trying to grow NPN membership so it continues on for many years. One way you can help out is by giving a testimonial that will be visible on the homepage. Tell us why NPN is so important to you so others that are on the fence can see the value that it brings!

Please go the link below to submit your testimonial, the testimonials page will be put up in the coming weeks once we have some testimonials to work with. Let us know you submitted by replying here so we know we got it.

Thank you so much for your support, it is greatly appreciated!

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Bump :blush:

(David Kingham) #3

One more bump! This is now live on the homepage please help us out by adding your own testimonial!

(David Kingham) made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #4

(Dennis Plank) #5

Left one. Thanks,

(Preston Birdwell) #6

I left one, too.

We need more, folks!

(Lon Overacker) #7

Me too. Finally…

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(Lon Overacker) #9

No biggie, no hurry… just curious how long it takes for a new testimonial to appear? Hoping I didn’t miss a step or something?
@NPN_Editor, @David_Kingham

I’m sure the testimonials get reviewed and you haven’t had time to approve yet.
No worries.

(David Kingham) #10

Just reviewed and approved them all, thank you all so much! I think this will really help those on the fence see what a great place this is!