Curve among sharps

Curve among sharps

Death Valley, north of Badwater on West Side Road.
The curve caught my eye, and processing went well as I generally followed @Sarah_Marino 's article

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Dick, this looks good in b&w. I’d sure hat to have to walk across the foreground! The transition from very rough foreground to smoother hills and mountains in the distance adds well to the sense of depth. The big arc of bright/dark in the foreground is good also.

Good high contrast desert view. I might consider a CCW rotation but otherwise, the processing looks really good to me. Lots of great lines to follow through the image.

Thanks, @Harley_Goldman . I really thought about and tried CCW rotation, but the crazy thing is that the horizon formed by the distant flats is really horizontal. So where does the tilting illusion come from? I guess the wedge-shaped sky in the right. But crop out the sky, and the urge to rotate a bit does not go away. The dark values of the hills and flats on the right? The now-second post shows a brightened version of that area. Less desire to tilt it?

Hi Dick, this was a great choice for B&W, with all those tonal gradations. I too would be hard pressed to walk through there; looks like lava rock. I did have an urge to straighten it out also, but I can see the field’s edge appears to be pretty close to straight, so everything beyond is what’s fooling our eyes; who says nature has to be perfect? The curve was worth capturing and your composition placed it in a good spot.

I liked this in the Landscapes forum and I like it here, Dick.

Yes, looks and feels like lava, but it is upheaveled and baked salt and mud forming a part of the Devil’s Golf Course.