Devil's bridge

According to the legend this bridge was created when a criminal was on the run and sold his soul to the devil so he could cross the river. And it’s know today as “Devil’s bridge”
This image was post processed to challenge my self. I like the final result but I know there’s a lot to improve.
To shoot it was a challenge on its own. Couldn’t find a composition that framed the main 3 elements (for me), the bridge, the waterfall and the tree, but that would not show to much of that sunny sky (that was gray and dark on my way there). After some time looking at it on the monitor I went for the square crop trying to create a triangle with the elements and hiding some distracting trees and branches on the edges.

Thanks everyone,

What technical feedback would you like if any?

The speed of the shutter mainly, I’m trying to avoid slow shutter on waterfalls and experiment diferent results. But any feedback is welcome.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

The composition and any of course. Also the PP.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

It’s a single shot on tripod. Polarised.
On PP I have done some dodge and burning all across but mainly on the water to gain contrast and depth, added vignette and some clarity to the tree.

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Joao, I see what you mean about composition, definitely not an easy one because the arch is not really framing anything “interesting”: you mentioned about trees but they are somewhat a supporting element in this image. Two things that would improve this image:

  1. Taking care of the blue sky triangle on the UL corner, either by cloning or by cropping (cloning is the way I would go in this one to preserve margins on the top side).

  2. Reducing the blue saturation on the wet rock on the center.

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After viewing this and not reading @Adhika_Lie 's comments, I came to the same suggestions she put forth. I would clone out the patch of sky, as I find my attention drawn there. And while blue reflection often works well, in this case I find there is so little that again I find it an attention getter. Otherwise, nicely done on the image and the PP.

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João, I think you’ve done well here. The big “V” of the falls, gorge and bridge looks good. I also like your shutter speed on the waterfall. While that tree beside the bridge does not strike me as a major element, it does add interest in the center of the V, where it fits well with the surroundings. It would be interesting to see a version with the sky cloned out, but it does add a touch of wondering where this stream goes.

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Thank you @Adhika_Lie @Harley_Goldman and @Mark_Seaver.
I’ll definitely work on a version with the cloned sky, I tried on the first process image but the result was really bad (the clone was really visible) but I’ll try it again.
The blue reflection totally passed my eyes, I’ll try to do something about it to.
Thanks again,

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Seems like to be a Landscape photographer is an exercise in frustration at times. I would definitely return to the scene and keep messing with things after “marinating” on it after the first shoot. I wonder if using the bridge to frame the waterfall inside it would help.

I really like the elements of this scene and I bet it will pay off on another trip!

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I have seen a number of images of this scene and would happily look at a number more. However, I always wonder how it would look from the downstream side - shooting under the bridge with the falls in the background. I don’t even know if that would be possible since one does not see what the backdrop is.

In the mean time I will look forward to more taken in this way.

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Hey @michael_tomcal and @Jake_Alletson. Thanks for the feedback.
Indeed being a landscape photographer as a lot to do with learning to deal with personal frustrations and expectations.
I think there’s was not a path to the front of the bridge, maybe from a distant path with a telephoto. I’ll go there’s again next month and definitely scout a bit more.
Thanks again,

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Excellent processing here and a solid composition - although it feels every so slightly tight on all sides. But I think you mentioned some constraints, as I’m sure there were and you had to make choices. I like the square format here.

I think you did very well featuring all the elements. The tree is less of a feature, but an important one for use. I think the foreground rock is important in framing the scene too.

The only issue Ihave is that little patch of sky. Other than a CA-clone, I don’t see what could be done about it. at least there is some color and it’s not washed out.

Lastly, I think you chose wisely on the shutter speed for the falls. I often like the silky, longer shutter speeds, but in this case I think detail would have been lost quickly and given the amount of water, that likely would have been detrimental. What you have here works just perfectly.


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Thank you @Lon_Overacker for the feedback. Indeed i was a bit tight on the movement, i was on the verge of a rock, a bit more to the bit and i was on the water down there ahah.
About that patch of sky here is the best i could do cloning, it is better then my first try. Also, based on @Adhika_Lie and @Harley_Goldman feedback i reduced the saturation on the glow of the rocks and burned it a bit.

Its a more balanced image with no sky distracting indeed. Its a bit odd on the first seconds (for me) not seeing the sky ahah but its a lot better i think.
Thank you all, and happy new year,

This repost is very compelling. Compact in its intensity! There’s a lot of energy in this frame. I only wish there was just a little more breathing room around the entirety of the scene, but as it stands, it makes a powerful statement. Thanks for sharing. I had a little “moment” of motion when I enlarged this on my screen!

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I fully agree about getting rid of the sky and reducing the blue on the rocks at the bridge. Your repost is excellent. I like the shutter speed as it displays the motion of the falls without totally blurring out the motion.

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Thank you @Jim_McGovern and @Larry_Greenbaum for the feedback.
This image was a surprise to me. On location I really thought that it was not going to work, there was a lot going on on the sides of the frame and I could move a muscle, glad I went for the square crop.
Thank you again and good year everyone,