Down the Hatch

A Stellar Sea Lion, about to swallow a Pink Salmon at the hatchery in Valdez, Alaska. I posted this before on the old site but I thought it was a good fit for this week’s challenge.

Sony a6000, Sony FE70200G @ 121 mm, ISO-250, f/6.3, 1/1000, hand held.

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Really good nature capture. Fine dining at its best!

Gary, I feel forced to say that this is a Stellar photo. :wink: The down the mouth view is striking with the sharpness throughout adding to the drama.

Really love the action and movement in this photo. My eye follows the movement and is drawn up to the eye and then the nose. Not sure if you cropped this or not - but if you had a bit more canvas on the top to more center the image on the seal - it might feel a bit less cramped on the upper edge.
However, this is a fantastic and exciting photo!

Excellent timing and action. I enjoyed looking at the salmon eye just before it disappears down the hatch.