Feedback on potential reorganization of categories

Feedback on potential reorganization of categories

(Bill Leggett) #21

Hey guys-
I just looked at the new layout, and it seems great to me. I am also VERY pleased to see that Macro/Closeup and Flora are now separated in both Gallery and Critiques categories. While sometimes similar because of field of view, I’ve always considered them completely separate disciplines, so thank you for that!

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #22

The new look is a vast improvement in my view - thanks!

(Richard Sandor) #23

I’m very much in favor of the new layout and appreciate the option to have the Critiques, Galleries and Discussions separated. As an aside, I like having the new Gallery option. As another aside :sunglasses:, I appreciate all the work that you’re doing. Thanks, Richard

(Igor Doncov) #24

Broken links?

When I hit the landscape link under Image Critiques in the page shown above I get -

(David Kingham) #25

Are you talking about this link, or something else?

(Igor Doncov) #26


(David Kingham) #27

Odd, try refreshing your page, I’m not able to replicate this problem.

(Igor Doncov) #28

When I go to this page -

and click on Landscape Image Critiques I get -

(Igor Doncov) #29

Thanks, David. The refresh fixed it.