Hi to everyone from Australia! We are in the second week of our 7-week trip. Love it- birds everywhere.
Firstly, a huge thanks to Donna and Jim for their many years of hard work to keep NPN going. Then, a thank you to David and Jennifer for taking over! Lots of good ideas apparent.
A couple comments, if I may:

  1. Really like the new home page, although it seems daunting with only a cell phone contact from the Outback!
  2. Please correct my name- it’s Sandy richards-brown.
  3. It seems that only landscape, avian, and wildlife warrant their own Galleries?? Every other subject (Flora, macro, man and nature, POP, Photo Art) is lumped together as “less worthy” galleries?? I have to strongly disagree with this. Flora and macro, especially, warrant separate galleries, imo. Also, Some of us have worked hard to elevate Photo Art to some degree of recognition, and dumping the Gallery into “everything else” puts it right back into the “lesser” recognition category.
  4. What does “no competition” mean??
    No more yearly or weekly picks?
    That’s all for now. Now to try to figure out how to put!

Hi Sandy, thank you for the feedback!

  1. I made a change for cell phones to where you will now just see the latest posts, but you can switch back to see the categories view at any time.
  2. This is done.
  3. This was a hard decision to make and I may re-evaluate. I had to choose some categories to lump together so the list of categories wasn’t massive. These were the categories that did not have many posts in their respective discussion forums, that is the only reason I kept them separate. If Flora ends up being very active in all three areas (discussion, critiques, gallery) then I’ll reconsider creating it’s own category. It has nothing to do with being ‘lesser’, just for organization. As you get to know the forum more and more you will see that these categories are really not all that important. The default view of categories will be used by less and less people as they discover the ‘Latest’ view, which is much more useful.
  4. There will still be yearly and weekly picks, but this about rewarding members, not a competition. We want this to be a friendly environment where we all lift each other up, I know all the current NPN’ers understand this, but as new people come on board I want them to understand this as well. There have been many sites like 500px that encouraged competition among their members and I do not want to see that happen here.

Hi Sandy:

I’d like to add a few words to David’s kind response.
All of the Galleries from the old NPN system are present in the new system except Man and Nature. You’ll see specific galleries for Flora, Macro, POP, Photo Art, Human & Fauna. Images posted there are the images that will be considered for weekly picks and consequently yearly picks. The critique galleries for each of those was combined into Everything Else Critique. If you want feedback on an image that is in one of those areas, this is where it belongs.

David is spot on with the gallery view not playing a very important role with the way the new site works. Latest and New and wonderful and show a stream of all the images that you haven’t seen since your last visit.

Give it a good try and I believe you’ll see a far superior viewing experience.

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Sounds great! Really looking forward to the new ideas and format, and participating - after I figure out how and have a decent net connection at the same time!


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