Questions re site/how things work

I have had a chance to read most of the new guidelines and have a bunch of questions. Don’t want to screw anything up.

  1. Where is the Weekly Pick Gallery? when does the week run - same Saturday midnight to saturday midnight LOCAL time?
  2. What about the yearly picks? will they be chosen from only those images posted since this new site opened? (about 4 month’s worth of postings) or from the entire year’s posting, including on the “old” NPN?
  3. i’m not sure i understand the point of having a Gallery as well as a critique Gallery? If one is asking for suggestions/critiques on an image, they post it in the Critique gallery, then work on it some more and then post it again in the non-Critique gallery?? Seems to me to be double work, which - for me - will cut down time spent on this site since I only have X amount of time for online stuff.
  4. Re the Critique Galleries - in one place you say zoos/rehab animals should be posted in POP or Man and fauna, but in the wildlife Gallery instructions, you say zoos/rehab animals should be posted imn Man ad nature - but this gallery no longer exists (I think)
  5. What about posting links to interesting or informative info? Still allowed or not? In the past, I have posted links to animal or photo-related articles that I felt were of interest to others.
  6. What is this “Badge” thing? We get a badge for using an emoji?? Sounds like kindergarteners getting a star for doing something. (IMHO only)
    Is this really needed?

Thanks for the clarifications!
Sandy Richards-Brown
still in Australia :koala: :kangaroo: and unable to post

Sandy, I moved your post to the Site Feedback forum.

  1. Where is the Weekly Pick Gallery? when does the week run - same Saturday midnight to saturday midnight LOCAL time?

Sandy, the Weekly Pick’s link I find is listed at Community> Categories> Weekly Challenge> “See Weekly Editor’s Picks.”.
As I’ve only seen 3 images listed there I have no idea if this is really what you’re looking for as 2 images are WC’s and the third is Wildlife?

Hey Sandy! Nice to see you here. Old home week, for sure.

I can’t answer any of your questions, but look forward to responses of those with knowledge.

As for navigation and use of the site itself, there are features I like much better than the old, even if they require adjustments to my methods. I’m still noodling around, but so far each time I’ve been paused by new approaches, I’ve readily found (and liked) the new path.

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@Sandy_Richards-Brown I have endeavored to provide answers to your questions. Please let us know if you need further clarification.

There is no specific Weekly Picks gallery at this time. You can see the Weekly Picks for a particular gallery by going to the specific gallery and clicking the Editor’s Pick button. Here’s a link that shows you how.

As far as I know, the Weekly pick time frame has not changed.

So far David has not given any guidance on this.

One of the reasons for having a separate critique gallery is that it is a ‘private’ i.e. ‘members only’ gallery. The ‘sharing’ gallery is a ‘public’ gallery that everyone can see (Note: Non members cannot comment in the ‘Sharing’ gallery. If the two galleries were combined, anyone, including non-members would be able to comment. This is certainly not something I would want.

I agree that it takes a bit of extra work to upload a tweaked (final) image to a ‘sharing’ gallery, but the upside is that the public can see it, which is to a member’s advantage, in my opinion.

Yes, the old Man & Nature gallery is no more. It looks like you have a found a typo in the FAQ/Guidelines:

Images that include domesticated animals in a rural scene should be posted in the Man & Nature Gallery.

Go ahead, Sandy. Just be sure to post in the appropriate forum. Also, please include some text in your post that indicates what the article is about along with the link. Personally, I do not click on links that are not explained. Third, please post in only one forum: cross-posting is confusing.

The Badges are a part of the Discourse Web software. Since I am not versed in the intricacies of Discourse, David would have to let us know if they can be disabled.

@Sandy_Richards-Brown I hope I have answered your questions. I am sure @David_Kingham will respond with more detail, as needed.

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I am busy leading a workshop today but I will follow up on this as soon as I can.

I’ve updated this to merely state that I found inconsistencies from gallery to gallery with Editor Pick Tags and what appears to be the Weekly Editors Pick in the WC Gallery. Some galleries did not show Editor Pick Tags at all.
The more I looked the more confused I got so I’m basically not much help to Sandy’s first question…Sorry.
Maybe a centralized Icon with one click access that shows all EP or WP selections by pulling the data from each gallery pick…:grinning:

One of the issues I think you found and noted, thank you, was that an image in the Wildlife Critique was tagged with “weekly_pick”. With NPN’s current policy, images in the critiques are not eligible for that. Then to add confusion to what you saw, the “weekly-pick” tag is for images in the Weekly Challenge. Images in the galleries that are considered for weekly recognition are tagged with “editors-pick”. I have removed the tag from the wildlife critique image that was showing up when you looked at weekly-picks from the weekly challenge.

One easy way to see all the the Editors Picks across all galleries is click on the “hamburger” image menu item in the upper right and then click on Editors Picks. That will show you all of the Editors picks from every gallery.

Another way is to go to the category view and click on a gallery. You’ll see a banner with the editors picks. Hope that helps.


Keith, thank you for the follow up here. I felt the more I looked the worse my explanations became and would really confuse the issue even more so. However, you’ve picked your way through my garbled message and solved my confusion points entirely.
I suspect Sandy might have been looking for the entire EP-WP listing, which as you’ve pointed out is easily found under the “hamburger”.

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@Keith_Bauer Thanks for clarifying how to see the Editor’s Picks. The ‘hambuger’ menu is very handy.

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No kidding. I hadn’t explored there, but now have great paths for saving clicks and page changes.

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The picks can be found here. Or you can find the link in the ‘hamburger menu’

We will be pulling from images posted on the new and old site. Any picks made from the old site will be brought over to the new site at that time.

I have listened and agree that this is too much duplicate work, from now on all images posted to the critique galleries will also be eligible for the weekly picks. The gallery category will remain as a place to simply share photos that will not be critiqued and are eligible for weekly picks as well.

I have updated the wildlife description to say those images should go to POP

Yes, this is allowed in the discussion category.

It does seem kind of silly, but it’s a way to encourage users to get used to the new software. I’ll be looking at ways to make it less cheezy, but it will stay in place for now.

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@David_Kingham, thanks for the explanations. I’m happy to hear that all posted images in qualified categories (critique or non-critique) are eligible for weekly pics. Thanks!