Weekly Pick

Is it possible with to weekly pick to set up a gallery or view of all the images considered for that particular week by gallery? So, if one looked at a weekly pick in the avian gallery and clicked somewhere on that image, it would bring up a gallery or other view that would include all the images considered for that week in that gallery? In addition, the moderator or contributors who made the weekly choice pick might discuss why the picked image was chosen. Yes, I understand there are software limitations.

You can see all the editors picks for a certain category by going to the gallery your interested in and selecting the tag editors-pick in the menu pills

And here’s a direct link

This will only show the picks though, not what was considered. This is a possibility, we could add another tag for editors-pick-entries or something along those lines. This could solve another problem of how the moderators select potential images throughout the week.

A discussion of why the images were picked is an interesting thought, we could create a section for this and the mods could leave a comment with their picks in there. What do you all think @moderators?

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