First impressions of NPN

First impressions of NPN
(Michael Hunt) #1

I have been on this site for about a month, and would like to say what a pleasant surprise it has been to find a network/forum that only covers the two areas of photography that interest me, and that appears to be completely free of the self-appointed gurus and tedious pundits (and their sycophantic followers) that spoil most forums. All the comments I have read here, including the ones on my own posts, have been professional, constructive and thoughtful. It feels like finding a home.
As far as I can see, there are no individual galleries, here. I can find no way to view a particular photographer’s work, short of following a link to their website. Am I correct? Some of the workings of this site are a bit opaque for a new comer: it took a sustained effort to find how to make my first payment!
Thanks for the welcome, and, even more, for the inspirational images on display.

(David Kingham) #2

I’m really glad to hear you are enjoying the site Michael, we continue to find ways to improve it all the time!

We do not have galleries, it may be a possibility someday but is not the focus currently. You can visit a users profile, go to their activity and go to all topics. It’s not perfect as you do not get a preview of the image. The focus for the time being is on image critiques and community.

I would be curious to hear more about the troubles you had in paying, you should have received an email with a link to upgrade, I would definitely like to know if you didn’t receive that or if there was some other confusing bottleneck. Thank you for the feedback!

(Michael Hunt) #3

I did not receive an upgrade email.

On your site tips it says you can ‘mute’ sections through a button next to the ‘post new image’ icon. There is no button on my screen. Is this a problem with iOS? I am using an iPad Air 2.

Otherwise, all is good!


(David Kingham) #4

I have identified the reason you didn’t get the email and it has been resolved, thank you for letting me know!

The button to mute a category is still there, the new topic button has moved, hence the confusion. I will get that updated. The red arrow in the image below shows where you can find this:

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(Sandy Richards-Brown) #5

Just curious, Mike - what 2 areas are those?


(Michael Hunt) #6

Sandy, I was referring to wildlife and landscapes.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #7

Thanks, Mike - I was just wondering how newer people see the site - because we actually focus on 6 separate area of Nature photography here -
Landscape, Wildlife, Flora, Avian, Macro, Man and Nature - and then Non-nature and the Weekly challenge.

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