Fiery Marsh Sunset

After several talks with Igor, I decided to move up to medium format, and decided on the Fuji GFX50S along with a couple of lens. I’ve only shot it for a week now, but I’m loving it so far.

Shot St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in the Florida panhandle during the last moments of sunset last Sunday. I thought sunset was going to be a total bust, but the clouds parted just enough to allow some of the color through.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all feedback is appreciated - I know composition is weak, but it is what it is there; couldn’t crop in too much more on the left without killing the color.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Fuji GFX50S, 45mm (35mm equivalent = 36mm), 1/4 sec @ f/11, 200 ISO, tripod, no filters


Not sure how much of this is attributable to the new camera, but this is quite a photo. Quite nice!

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I love the detail. Maybe a little more exposure? Good luck with the full frame.

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Great image Bill. I particularly like the number of layers.

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Lovely, with very nice detail, but the horizon is a bit off – just a touch of CW rotation needed. (I’m pretty sure the FL panhandle is flat s a pancake.)

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Did you know that there is now a 100 megapixel GFX camera at virtually the same price, around $5000?

I noticed the detail in this image right away without having read the comments. It really is an amazing image.

One feature about the camera that’s worth mentioning. You can adjust the ‘Dynamic Range’ in the camera that generates raw files. When set to high the blacks are a bit less black and the whites are not as white. It’s really important to use the right setting because if you use the low dynamic range with any sunlight the whites look really blown out. I’ve never seen this on any camera for raw files so I thought I’d pass it on.

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Thank you @Ronald_Murphy , @JimS , @Mario_Cornacchione , @Diane_Miller , and @Igor_Doncov for your comments and suggestions!

@Diane_Miller - you are correct! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that! I will definitely correct it before printing it for sale. Thanks for mentioning it!

@Igor_Doncov - I know! I didn’t see the notice about the 100 MP coming out until after I had received the 50S, and I wanted to beat my head against the wall. From what I’ve read it will even be smaller and lighter than the 50S as well. I’m still struggling with the settings as it’s quite an upgrade in technology from the D810. I hope to have them all figured out within a week or two more. What are your thoughts on the 100S? Are you considering selling your 50R and upgrading? I’m considering it but haven’t decided yet. I think I will wait until the 100S actually comes out and read a few reviews and see what they say before deciding anything.

Dpreview thinks it’s an upgrade worth making from the 35mm equivalent sensor. I’m happy where I am now but will likely make the upgrade. Our lenses are compatible so it’s not that painful. It’s not that I want to make bigger prints but I’m big into cropping and modifying my composition. Do you watch Adam Gibbs’ youtube weekly presentations. He shoots with the expensive version of the GFX100 and you can get an impression of the quality. I really enjoy his ‘how to’ presentations. He shows how unglamorous landscape photography really is: sleeping in vans, hiking through mud, waiting in the rain for the fog to lift.

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Thanks for the info! No, I’m not familiar with Adam Gibbs, but I will check him out.

I think this is his review:

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What lovely, subtle colors. And the detail is amazing. I especially like the pinks peeping through the gray clouds.

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Thanks @Bonnie_Lampley for your comment, and thanks @Igor_Doncov for the link. I’ll check it this evening.

Striking detail Bill. I echo Bonnie’s comment about the lovely pastel colors mixing with the gray clouds.

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I need to visit St. Marks someday; a good friend of mine who recently passed away used to wax poetic about bird watching their when he lived in Georgia. Thanks for an image from there.

I think that composition works pretty well actually. There is a nice layering of depth to it. I agree the dramatic clouds with the color background works well.

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@Bonnie_Lampley , @Eva_McDermott , @John_Williams for your comments.

John, St. Marks is a great place. I’ve been going there for about 35 years or so, and still love it. Lots of birds and gators, and beautiful scenery too. Also, Wakulla Springs is just right down the road, Wacissa River, Aucilla River, and Econfina River are within a 20 minute drive, plus thousands of acres of marsh and swamp. That said, DO NOT plan to come during summer - WAY too hot and buggy, but autumn, winter, and spring are great times.

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