Frosty Frame + Repost



Image Description

This is another shot from my frosty morning walk. This location is on a nearby low mountain range with an altitude of about 800 meters.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

I had to stop here because this beautiful hoarfrost caught my attention. I liked how the crisp branches stood out against the soft background. I thought this would make a good frame for the photo.
When I first reviewed this shot on my monitor at home I was slightly disappointed. The hoarfrost looked much less impressive than I remembered.

What do you think? Is there anything that I can improve? Any feedback is welcome.


This has to be viewed large. I am more than attracted to your wrap-around composition of the snow clad branches that provide balance and contrast to the frosty, moody background trees and spotlight the main tree in the FG. The high key look of the whole image makes the mood. Magnificent image.

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Hi Larry,
thank you very much for your feedback.

I agree that the image looks better in the large view.

Frost (like fog) is a photographer’s friend. I like the tunnel-like effect of the branches to frame the deeper parts of the scene. The largest tree seems well placed, but I wonder if you had stepped to right (and put your hands on your hips, bring your knees in tight…oh wait, sorry! couldn’t help myself). Ahem. I wonder if a position a foot or two right could have isolated the conifer in the back between the big tree and the log. Maybe the framing effect of the branches would be different, but I’d have tried it. Lately I’ve become a nut about separation and overlap in forest scenes. Watching me do the Time Warp in the woods on snowshoes is worth a laugh. A seriously enchanting photo. People who don’t like winter are nuts.

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Hi Kris,
thank you for your feedback.

I tried different camera positions. I finally stuck with this composition because behind the curtain of branches on the left side is another tree. In this way, I was able to make it disappear.
But thanks for pointing that out. I agree with you that the separation between the main tree and the conifer could be improved. Sounds like I’ll have to revisit this location soon.

Yes, that’s what I tell my wife all the time. But it does not agree with me. :rofl:

I figured something like that might be going on so this is a nice compromise if the left side got too busy. The other day I fooled around in the woods as well and while some images were solid in terms of compositional choices and elements, others were compromises and the best I could do with what I had. Darn trees just won’t move like Ents will.

My husband and I have friends that live in the southern states here and they have a weird fear of winter that just makes me laugh. It comes down to what you’re used to, but you have to really like winter if it’s here for 1/2 the year. It has a way of toughening you up for sure.

I really like this shot, Jens! I love the way the frosted branches frame the scene and make it look like you’re about to enter some sort of ice cave with a forest inside of it! The colors and contrasting shape/size of the main tree really sets it apart and makes for a solid anchor point. The only thing I would suggest would be a crop off the bottom to just above that little stump on the left side. Most of the bottom is just dead space so I think it would balance the scene a little better. I also agree that the large version is a must see as it has much more presence!

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This looks like a page of a fairy tale book. I love it and yes, viewing it big is nice. I think the big arch in the tree with it’s snow covered limbs hanging down really makes this photo stand out. The little green tree in the BG also adds to the story. I want to walk through that arch. I agree with @Gary_Minish that a small crop on the bottom would take some of that dead space out and pull the scene together. Nice job.

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@Gary_Minish @Donna_Callais
Thank you very much for your feedback and your kind words.

Cropping the image really makes sense now that you’ve pointed it out to me. I don’t know why I’m always so hesitant to crop.

I missed this one earlier but have to say how much I love it!! Both are spectacular but I do think the second version is the stronger. I don’t mind the conifer peeking out from behind the near trunk – there is a bit of a story to it.

I am totally jealous of wonderful winter scenes like this! Congratulations on the EP – it is SO deserved!!

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Thank you very much for the feedback. I’m glad you like the image.

This was one of the rare snowfalls this winter. I’m always jealous of all the snow pictures I see here too. We don’t get much snow here. It makes no sense to think about buying snowshoes. :rofl: