How to use color test print page

On an another forum I unsuccessfully attempted to find out how to use a color test print page. The problem was I was interacting with big time experts and kept asking questions that were never answered. So I’ll try here. I have downloaded a color test print page. How do I use it to help my color management for calibrating and printing? Please explain like I am 5.

I find that color test prints are valuable for comparing and judging printing papers, not calibrating either printer or monitor. I am not into making my own individual profiles, but those that do probably find these images useful.
Here’s one that I use:
When testing inkjet papers, I find quite a bit of variation in the reds, greens, and skin tones using the test image on the left.

Thanks for replying, but you explained like I was 10, not 5! Do you mean after your monitor is calibrated, you make a print of this test sheet to see what it looks like on a specific paper? If so, do you find this more useful than soft proofing in photoshop?

As I understanding - and you can put a big “if” in there - the main ideia of using a color test print image, is to have a consistent target , with lot of different “problems” in the image so one can more easy evaluate the printer/settings.

I did a test some time ago using one of those images to check for both the soft proofing and the ICC profile for a given paper/printer combination.

those are the resulting photos, the one on the top with soft proofing with ICC profile, the other one just a strait print.