In company

A curve on the Plover River IAT made me pause and it was then I heard crows calling high above. When I looked up for them, I saw they were occasionally annoying an eagle that was also soaring overhead. Ah winter woods.

Fresh powder is a joy, especially on snowshoes, but this time I didn’t have to break trail having met a couple coming from the opposite direction. So this is a look back at our tracks.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Nothing specific. Thoughts on cropping? I played with it a little, but this isn’t much of one. I wanted as much of the atmosphere to come through as possible and that meant including a lot of the scene.

Technical Details



Lr to adjust exposure down a bit, wb tweak, lowered highlights and blacks, raised whites and shadows somewhat. A bit of a crop and work in Transform to correct geometry. A few distractions removed and a mask to further even some luminosity.

Lovely!! (And maybe the first time I’ve ever seen snowshoe tracks??) The light is gorgeous and the crop definitely needs to include the shadow going toward the LR corner and the “simplicity gradient” (just made that up!) at the top. (Hmmm – guess I should start using Lr for Lightroom…) I love how the trees recede and how the two evergreens balance the sides. The soft sky is just about perfect.

I’m going to get up now and put on some warm socks.

Kris, this image makes me want to be out there with you. You gotta love those bright blue skies and sunny days in the snow. I went out looking for winter scenes today, but it was cloudy and the wind was blowing snow sideways. The conditions did make for some dynamic photos. This is a very nice forest scene. I like the tall trees and the shadows on the pure white snow. The small line of blue sky gives the photo some color. Very nice!

Oh @Diane_Miller you crack me up with your snowless existence. In some ways I’m a little jealous, but snowshoeing is so wonderful. Oh sure it takes some getting used to because the gait is a little off from normal, but the hush and the softness of the snow with the reflected light and the slightly spattered trees. It’s a wonder and I’m heading back out today. I shall make tracks just for you. If I remember to take a photo off trail you’ll see how deep it is! Probably around 3 1/2 feet where I’m going.

Thanks @Donna_Callais - Glad you like the inclusion of sky - I cropped most of it out to a 2:3 aspect ratio, but didn’t like it. Closed up and closed off is how it felt and I didn’t think that helped. The trees were another thing I tried to get right by shifting the tripod around.