Interview with David Hunter

Excerpt from the Interview:

Q: Your career began in the photojournalism world. What made you shift away from that world, toward education and nature photography? Do you miss the photojournalism world? Past the obvious technical and compositional skills, what have you been able to translate from that world, into nature photography? Perhaps into education, as well?

My photojournalism, and then later sports photography that lasted about 10 years, was a very exciting time, but I don’t miss them much, mostly because they were so hectic and fast paced. There was an adrenaline factor always in play and that’s kind of the nature of both of those worlds. You’re always on a deadline and you’re under pressure to get certain things done. I especially don’t miss arguing with officials or other people who told me where I could stand or where I can’t stand on a field to photograph something. Moving into nature photography I have been able to shift away from all that, and now the only fast-paced thing that happens is maybe if you see a great sunrise or a rainbow. You’re rushing quickly to set up your camera and get a composition but nothing close to the adrenaline-fueled world I was in. Plus no one argues with me on where I can be to photograph unless I’m at Mesa Arch.

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