Knowing Where to Stand by Alan Ross

Excerpt from the Article:

In 2022, I was fortunate to have some of my work on exhibit in a fine-art gallery in Texas. The show was called Knowing Where to Stand. When I started thinking about a topic I wanted to discuss for this article, those words popped into my head as being the key to an approach I regularly like to impress upon my workshop students to slow down, take your time and be intentional. Where you stand is essential to creating a successful image, and you can’t know the best place to stand if you don’t take the time to explore the scene.
I often like to opine (and not always tongue-in-cheek) that one of the worst things to happen to personal and creative vision was the invention of the zoom lens. Of course, when a photographer has already made a critical evaluation of a scene, a zoom lens can be a great asset, allowing the photographer to set a lens at 73mm instead of having to choose between a fixed 50mm or 85mm lens. But the problem I see is that it allows too many images to be essentially unintentional.

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