My First Safari!

Next month I will be going to Africa for the first time. A dream come true! I will be on a 10 day safari in the Maasai Mara area of Kenya. For those of you who have been on a safari before, I would appreciate any safari tips that you may know (either photography tips or general safari tips). For instance, someone has told me to bring a pillowcase to cover my camera and lens while riding in the safari vehicles so they don’t get covered in dust. Any tips I get now will make my trip more successful and fun. Thanks in advance!

Do you need someone to carry your luggage?

A tight closing plastic bag for your camera can be useful guarding against condensation when going from AC to moisture rich warm environments. Devise a smart plan regarding how you are transporting your equipment. In your luggage? on your body? Learn the luggage restrictions specific to the airlines you will be taking to avoid delays or surprise costs. I would do what I could to avoid creative down time from jet lag upon arrival, maybe sleep patterns, diet. Then again, you will maybe not sleep or close your eyes for ten days anyway, because it will be so unbelievable. WooHoo

I just came back from a safari in Kenya. There is a ban on single use plastic bags, so I had to rethink my packing. I got compression bags for my clothes, used a small laundry bag to put one of my cameras in while in the truck. I used a blanket, to cover the camera I was using. Bean bags are very helpful to put camera on in the trucks.
Don’t forget the landscape images. The sunrises/sunsets were amazing. The leopards in the Masai Mara were great, as were the other cats & elephants.
I had a great time, wish I was still there!
Have a blast and take lots of photos!

Steven & Roni - Thanks for your tips. I leave in a week and am so excited!

Patricia - I can handle my own luggage, but thanks anyways.