New post-processing software. Recommendations?

For 10 years I have been using the OE software that came with my Nikon gear- specifically Nikon ViewNX and Capture. Although these have met my modest needs, I am wondering ( as I contemplate the purchase of a new computer ) if it is time to upgrade to either Lightroom or Photoshop. I welcome any input.

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Enroll in Adobe’s Photographer Plan. You can get Photo Shop, Adobe Camera RAW, Light Room, Bridge and a few other apps for $9.99/month.

There are additional plugins for PS you can purchase separately.

At this point, keep using your existing software and then get the Adobe Plan.

Let us know if you need help getting started.


If you mosey over to DP Review, alternatives to Photoshop/Lightroom have been discussed ad nauseam. Mostly because someone says how much they hate Adobe for not letting them own the software and asks what else can they use, then the discussion digresses into sniping and name calling between the pro Adobe and anti Adobe sides. Basically, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are far and away the most widely used and offer the widest range of possibilities for editing. Those who don’t want to pay Adobe’s “rent” migrate to other services. I think most professional and serious photographers use Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Go to DP Review or just google “alternatives to Adobe for photo post processing” and you can read about the alternatives.

Adobe does own the software. A consumer never did. Before the ‘subscription’ plan and Creative Cloud, one purchased an installation DVD that included a “license” to use the software in accordance with their terms of use. Therefore, the argument that “they hate Adobe for not letting them own the software” is untrue.

I have tried other editing software, including Corel, and Photo Shop is by far the better way to go.

I’m a fan of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for all my editing. I couldn’t frankly care less that I don’t “own” the software. It is a tool. My images are what are important. I choose the best tool for the job and for that I pay a monthly subscription. I haven’t tried much else.

Preston and Matt, you are preaching to the choir. As someone who cut his photo processing teeth in a wet darkroom, I think Photoshop is a gift from the Gods and have happily been using for a very long time. I am totally grateful to them and happily pay $10 bucks a month to use it. Every time someone goes off on Adobe I have to bite my tongue and not get in an argument with them.