Out of pure curiosity

Out of pure curiosity

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #1

From day 1 of newNPN I have used the white background theme. I feel that it looks much prettier that way. I was wondering if others feel the same way? A non-topic, just curious.,

(Lon Overacker) #2

White background for me too for general perusing… the large view image popups are dark gray and so that works for imaging viewing for me as well. Reading text and just general navigation I prefer the white bg, dark text. YMMV

(Preston Birdwell) #3

I like the dark mode. On a big monitor (27") all that white would be pretty tough on my old eyes.

(David Kingham) #4

Did you know there’s a light theme? Just go to the hamburger menu:

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #5

Yes - that’s the one I use and like!!

(Dennis Plank) #6

This must be some psychological phenomenon. I tend to prefer dark backgrounds, so I go with the dark theme. My wife hates dark backgrounds. Luckily we have the option to choose these days.