Pacific Dogwood, Yosemite

Ok, perhaps this is better suited for Flora, but I’m heading back to Yosemite tomorrow and wanted to post before heading out… I’m also running quite low on new work so I’m posting this image captured right outside the old Awahnee Hotel, (oops, now the Majestic Hotel…) a couple of years ago. Handheld.

Comments and suggestions always welcome!

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Processing of course. With a straight bluebird sky, wondering if the blue is rendered ok.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Not that it matters, but this is rotated 90 degress from original. Classic, back lit image, not too original. Any thoughts welcom

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Nikon D800E, Tamron 24-135 @135mm, f/16, 1/800th,iso 400 hand held

Lon, your personal signature here on this one. I guess we could say it falls into flora, foliage, plant, tree, or hybrid tree to flower…:nerd_face:

Although the Merced river backdrop is missing here on this one the wonderful solid blue sky makes up for that area. I really like this one. The composition is simple, clean, and works really well. Even if flipped…:crazy_face: The placement and almost perfect array of floral spray or bouquet is excellent. The back-lighting on the flowers works very nicely without the extreme whites being overdone or blown out in any way…:+1:

I do not think the blue sky is overdone. I have several images at drastic upward angles and the blue comes out really cobalt blue, especially at altitude…:cowboy_hat_face:

Good luck with the keepers on your upcoming outing to YNP…:sunglasses:

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I’m not sure if I would have thought of it on my own, but Paul’s comment about flipping it made me curious about the other orientations. I actually think this works well (better?) as a horizontal, maybe leaning towards the CCW rotation as opposed to the CW. Regardless, it’s a fun image and I enjoy the way the light sets off the petals.

Looking forward to your new images!

Lon, while this may be a classic view, it looks great. The color of the sky looks right on to me. It’s uniformity matches well with the uniform luminosity of the petals. The overall “cleanliness” of the view makes it both simple and inviting. It sings of a beautiful spring day. While you could orient this at any angle, I think this view and the flipped view work best. (I’ve held my laptop in all four orientations for viewing…:laughing:.)

The flowers are beautifully crisp and clear against the sky, Lon. Think I might just prefer your original format but it’s nice as is.