Painted Hills Cloudy Daylight and Auto settings in camera (Canon)

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

All 3 taken with Canon 7D MK 2; 24/70 at 25; spot; ISO 250; f 16.

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Of the three I prefer #2, more for the color balance than anything else, but I do prefer that composition a bit more as well. #1 color balance has too much yellow and really muddies the sky and #3 has way too much sky for my tastes.

I feel that if you reprocessed #3 it could be your best image because it has the strongest composition. I would crop off some of the sky, raise it’s exposure and desaturate it. I would raise the exposure a bit globally without losing any color saturation. Here’s what I’m suggesting:

Hi Jim,

Compositionally I prefer image 2. I would however tone down the situation of the blues in whichever composition you chose. I think that would allow the hills to come through stronger in the image which is the key focal point. Below is the direction I would take it.

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Bill, Igor and Nathan: Thank you for the constructive comments. All are helpful.


With a couple of tweaks, I think overall I prefer #1. As mentioned, a bit too yellow. I like the composition with the bottom of the valley showcased and kind of leading the eye through the frame. #2 that bottom of the valley leads almost out of the frame. I do like Igor’s crop for #3; definitely too much sky and too blue sat.

For #1, I also cropped; too much foreground and as presented the foreground a little muddy. I added some global punch with a LAB Color layer and also brightened and punched up a little bit the foreground grasses. Oh, and I used a Selective Color adj layer to pull back on the yellow, a touch more cyan and small decrease in magenta.

May or may not suit you, but my .02

Lon, Thanks for your suggestions. Again, thanks to all. It’s very enlightening to read and view the preferences of others. I really appreciate your suggestions and that you have posted consistent with those ideas. All are helpful. Blues and yellows need change with cropping and more attention to composition. I now have 6 images and no favorite. I suppose it is found in a combination of all.