Problems with UXP addons for PS

Without getting into all the time, trips to get an internet connection, and emails I have gone through over the past 10 days, here is what I have discovered. If you, like me, process images when offline in PS don’t expect the new UXP versions of either Lumenzia or TKActions to work. The UXP version will disappear from PS if opening the addon offline. I had to downgrade my Lumenzia version to be able to do any processing.

Adobe is aware of it and an engineer was working with Lumenzia on it. This led to me purchasing TKActions but when asking about the issue prior to installation I find out TKActions has the same issue. This is true for both the V8 and V9 builds per TK.

Note to people selling products on the internet, if you know there is a problem that will cause issues for a given poplulation of your users - POST IT PROMINENTLY - my time is valuable also.

Unfortunately with the demise of the perpetual license and more dependence on the cloud for computing and other functions, I think it is an expected, if lamentable, result. Do you know if it affects the entire suite of tools/panels or just some functions? I seem to recall Tony having to update the way he builds the software because Adobe went to a UXP architecture (if that’s the right word), but I haven’t heard anything about it being internet connection dependent.

If I was still on my original 20gb per month cellular hotspot, the only internet connectivity I had for a few years starting in 2015, I’d be pretty cheesed off. People blast Elon Musk for a lot of things, and might be justified in doing so, but damn if Starlink didn’t exist, I’d still be in a bad way connectivity-wise.

@_Kris To the best of my knowledge it just won’t run the whole addon panel, but TK would be the one to ask for TKPanel. I emailed back and forth last week with Greg Benz and he had personally experienced the issue. Adobe had me send a report created by a special tool they had me download. In the case of Lumenzia it just won’t launch the addon either. Fortunately I can live with the past version of Lumenzia. It was just a waste of a lot of time and other stuff ($).

I think the best thing for TKPanel users to do would be too have a copy of V7 still on your machine for when working offline.