Processing Challenge

Processing Challenge

I shot this image yesterday and I utterly love the pose of the hummingbird. While I would certainly crop this image, the problem I have is the one out-of-focus Monarda blocking part of the main flower. Does anyone have a technique for handling this? All suggestions are appreciated. While my usual software is LR & PS, I’m willing to listen to other options as well.


This is off the wall, but would really work for this image. I’m influenced by my wife’s recent paintings, and she’s been on a round canvas kick. Hand-cropping to round transforms this for my eye to the point the OOF blossom actually compliments the OOF wings. Of course, I haven’t a clue how to perform a round crop, but to this nonconformist it’s a nice break from the world of squares and rectangles. :smile:

Back to reality, I think a crop to square accomplishes much of that, “going with the flow” in trying to make the OOF elements work together rather than fretting the flower.

Nice idea, Hank. While PS doesn’t seem to support a round crop per se, It’s simple enough to select a round area and make the rest invisible or a single color, which should have the same effect. I’ll play with that.