Question regarding Actions

Question regarding Actions
(Larry Carpenter ) #1

I have a question regarding the construction of an action in Photoshop.

I have jumped through all the necessary loopholes to build a fairly complex, but very helpful, action.
But I have stalled at the point of the action opening a group folder. Every attempt I make fails to record the step. I can open the group with the cursor, and then select a layer within the group and the action is recorded.

But, I need to use shortcuts to maneuver within the group as to not have the action identify a layer by name. The reason for this is that the action will often be used more than once in a document and a named layer causes the action to select the wrong (same-named) layer from the previous instance.

Simply put, is there a way to open a group folder without using the cursor, or selecting a layer within the group?

To test your suggestion, open Photoshop and any image.
Create several random adjustment layers above the background layer.
Select them all and create a group.

Now, open your Actions panel and “Create a New Action.”
The Record Action dialogue opens. No need for a name, it’s a test. Click “Record.”

To see my problem, open the group with the cursor as usual. Notice nothing is recorded in the action.
Now, click on one of the layers. The Action records, Select layer “blah blah blah”

I need the action to record opening the group ONLY. There are plenty of shortcuts for navigating among layers once inside the group. But, the group has to be open first. rats

Thank you for your attention and effort,



(Ryan Stikeleather) #2

I’m not sure if this will help, but take a look at this article: Grouping Layers Magic with Photoshop Actions


(Larry Carpenter ) #3

Good information, but doesn’t solve the problem.

Thanks for trying Ryan!