Roundel reflected

From ages ago when I lived in NH, rode a BMW and went to a lot of car and motorcycle shows. I can’t remember if this is a /2 or exactly what model it was, but pre-war for sure. I remember angling around to try and frame the two reflected roundels until I got it here. The bikes were mostly under tents and if you’ve ever tried to shoot cars or bikes, it’s freaking hard. Anyway, I know it’s not nature, but I like it anyway.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything helpful is welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Processed in Lr for a little crop and overall exposure management - especially for highlights.


I like this one! Cool that you found the correct angle of view. I cannot help with the model. The only minor adjustment could be to darken a tad the background seen behind the bike in the LLC.

Thanks, @Ola_Jovall - you’re right about the LLC. I could give that a go.

Cool!! Motorcycle riding is a natural endeavor!

I’d also darken the bright reflections in the UR to keep the eye on the good stuff.