Sawtooth Ridge Afternoon

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I am on the fence with the uneven sky color, but this was as it looked. I did not attempt to fix it, but open to input. Any other comments about color are also welcomed.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Your thoughts on the composition are always welcome.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200 @ 95mm
F-11 @1/640, ISO 640 (it was breezy day, so I opted for a faster SS.)
ACR, PSCC and TK’s masks.

I really appreciated your comments on my previous postings! :+1:

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :slight_smile:

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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The processing looks spot on to me and the darker spot in the sky does not distract in my opinion. My only suggestion would be to crop a bit from the right because the hill on the top right holds a lot of visual mass and throws off the balance in the image. Cropping a bit of sky helps keep the ratio too.


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I like David’s crop presentation. It nicely tightens up the comp. The image is a nice display of crossing ridges and lines going out to some beautiful rugged country.

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If anything, I would crop a small slice of sky to make the top right corner coincide with the line of the mountain. Even without that, this is a superb composition, and I would resist time temptation to tinker with it to any large extent. Nothing wrong with the processing either, in my point of view.

Thanks for your comments, everyone, and to @David_Kingham for the re-posted image. His crop works nicely.

I have hiked and climbed in the area many times over the years. The large crag on the left is called the Dragtooth.

Any further comments are always appreciated. :smile:

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Love the light, colors and composition here. I can see why a crop works, but the one thing that I like that the crop removes is how t he line of trees in the LRC begin to turn up slope; rather than the line of trees just sloping down and then out of the frame, I like how the trees kinda frame that corner. But that’s a minor point. This is excellent, and I have no nits or suggestions.

Honestly, I had never heard of Sawtooth Ridge. Had to look it up. I’m guessing it may have been a climbing hang out back in the day? Pretty darn rugged peaks - and quite beautiful too.


The area is still very popular for climbing. The rock is excellent. Late in the Fall, and before the snows, there are a couple of couloirs that ice up, and provide ‘interesting’ ice climbing.

Years ago, a friend and I did an ice climb on the Incredible Hulk in same area. We did about 1,000 feet of 60-65 degree ice before we had to bail due to a snow storm. I won’t say it was ‘fun’, but it sure was a heck a day! :cold_face:

On a side note: Matterhorn Peak, off to left from my image was featured as part of Jack Kerouac’s book, “On the Road”. Great story.

Preston, very nice subject and overall composition. Like Lon I’ve never heard of this named area and quite honestly thought immediately of the Sawtooth range in Idaho. I think the crop is the ticket and find the sky very natural IMO. You can always darken for another look but TOD and light angle of view leans toward this look to me…:sunglasses: