Small World by Cynthia Bandurek

Excerpt from the Article:

On that night, I fell in love. I was standing in the middle of a sprawling swamp, with its murky water seeping into my trusty rubber boots. In my hand was my camera, a cherished acquisition I had procured to capture the essence of the frogs I was studying as a field naturalist. As I stood on the waterlogged ground amid nature’s nocturnal chorus, I felt I was part of the ecosystem. My heart was intertwined with my subject in a way that words can barely begin to describe.

I embarked then on a journey of photographing every living amphibian and arthropod that graced my presence. While my primary focus was on studying frogs, I found myself entranced by nocturnal insects and spiders. I felt amazed by the tapestry of life that unfolded on my camera’s screen with each tiny living being that I was able to capture with my camera. A newfound universe unveiled itself, a realm hidden from our unaided eyes.

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