Solitude in the midst of thousands

From a composition standpoint I wonder if the bush with white flowers is too much in the LLC. Should I burn it a little more to make it less prominent??

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
Single image. Canon 5DM4. ISO 100 35 mm f/18 1/5 sec
Luminosity masks for water, woodlands, and midtones.

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Hi @John_Moses first the site is amazing. I love the subtle tones, but as you pointed i do find my eyes trying to go to that bush. Maybe underexpose it a bit and it should be on spot.
Looking to the surroundings i guess you couldn’t frame this a bit to the right (clif maybe??) and open the view to the waterfall a bit?

Saying that its a gourgeous shot and thanks for sharing.
João Ferrão

So, I like the flowered bush. It leads my eye well through-out the scene. I was going to suggest bringing up the luminosity globally, and even dodging the bush. I would even crop some of the right side off to tighten the relationship a bit more. Nice find.

John, this a very pretty waterfall, nice find. I do not find the bush in the LLc to be overly instrusive, if you were to burn it down any further, I wouldn’t burn it much more. I do agree with @Wade_Thorson that a crop from the right would do more to emphasize the falls than anything you could do with the LLC bush. A shot take from a few feet to the right would have provided a more open view of the waterfall, but i suspect would have involved your demise too.

Processing looks good, i like how you kept the processing of the land somewhat darker, this really helps to make the falls and stream really stand out, their luminosity is right on the money to me.


I’m really enjoying the tiered cascades and the water in general; just enough texture in the water too.

The scene is a little dark overall, but that can be an indicator of the conditions - like dark overcast, pending rain, etc. So that works in setting a nice mood.

The plant in the LLC isn’t a distraction at all. I would think any further darkening would push it towards unnatural. Even lightening wouldn’t hurt anything. Enough of the plant is included that it makes it a contributing element.

I’m also with the others in a crop from the right. As presented the land mass on the right takes up nearly half the image. You might experiment with different crops - if you happen to agree. To me the emphasis is on the cascading stream.


Thanks Jose, Ed, Lon, Wade for all of your suggestions. I cropped the image like you suggested and did a little cloning to try and eliminate some of the bushes that overlapped the waterfall. Unfortunately you are right I could not move any further to the right to get the falls head on.