Spring Arrives

Spring has been a long time coming here in the midwest. This scene is from a sunset a few days ago at my local favorite spot to hike and photograph. The light was brilliant and hazy as it was only a few hours after a rain storm. I was just happy to be out and see the trees finally offer some color.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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single exposure, F13, 1/15 sec, 200mm, iso 100

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Alan this is beautiful! Looks like a great spot to hike as well! Great find on the run of trees AND a still water reflection.

Any reason to not include a bit more reflection in the foreground? I cant help but think that a third of the frame as reflection would have been nice but I also dont know if the foreground maybe did not have that much reflection possible.

Alan, this looks like a fine place to spend some time. The soft colors are nice, and I particularly like the reeds along the bank. I completely agree with @Minhaz_Sarker about the reflection, which for me is a strong component to help complete the scene, especially since the water is so calm and inviting.

This image has for me a rich sense of time and place, Alan. The fall of light, the textural detail in the leaves and the subdued tonality which captures beautifully the feel of late evening after rain combine to produce a captivating effect. I take the point made by Michael and Bill about the reflection but personally I would not want to be distracted from the trees themselves.

Thank you @Minhaz_Sarker, @Bill_Leggett & @Ian_Wolfenden for your comments and suggestions. Below is the image with more reflection. It is from a slightly different location and the lighting was very similar but it was changing quickly. To your point Ian, when this image was taken it was more about the trees and not the reflection. In reality the reflection was not a strong element, processing helped enhance it. I do like the version with the reflection as well.

Such a beautiful light, Alan. I like your original composition with less reflection. I agree that it doesn’t add much to the image. However, I like the contrast on the second one a little bit more. I think it’s the changing light you mentioned because the upper fourth area has slightly more contrast than in the OP. But this is one of those things that I wouldn’t have thought about had I not seen the second image. I love this image. I wish Fall would come sooner.

Adhika, Thank you for taking the time to stop and offer your comments. The lighting and colors of the trees reminded me very much of Fall as well.

I much prefer the second image with the reflection honestly. I do wish you would have zoomed out a bit, and gotten a bit lower to capture just a tad more reflection. Either way, nice find as I mentioned above :slight_smile:

However this very pleasing image was certainly worth the wait. I like both versions, I think they work about equally well, but for different reasons. I like the original post because the trees play a more prominent role, and the water along the bottom creates a dark frame that really draws your eye into the trees. While to me the first image is mostly about the trees, the second image is more about the warm colors, which are very nice. To my taste I think you could even increase the color saturation slightly for even more impact. But what I really love about this image is that there is no way to really tell if this is autumn or spring. In fact I think most viewers would assume this was an autumn image, unless you told them it was spring. Very nice work, Alan.

Alan, thanks for the extra post. I am probably partial to reflections having done a lot of photography from a canoe, so I prefer the second. Also, I like that extra bit of space, more “breathing room” for the that branch jutting out on the RH side. Just my thoughts.


This is just gorgeous! A perfect compliment to @Ed_McGuirk’s article on the “other foliage season…” :slight_smile:

Very easy to go overboard with the color/saturation and you’ve done a terrific job in keeping it real.

One of my first reactions was also about the reflection. Others have covered it well and I too love both images. My only minor, minor suggestion would be to clone out a couple of the leaves in the LRC of the original. Interesting though, the leaf litter in the water in the second image is just fine. :wink:

Beautiful image(s).


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Hard to choose which version I like best Alan as they both have different moods. the soft light is so delicate and does a fantastic job of showcasing the details and colors in the trees. The first version is all about the trees while the second is more about the overall scene. I could see a slight increase in the saturation, but I am really enjoying the understated look to this lovely scene. This reminds me of some of the images @Ed_McGuirk posted with his article on spring color. Beautifully done.

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Thank you @Ed_McGuirk, @Lon_Overacker and @Ed_Lowe for your helpful comments. I do have to give Ed McGuirk credit for his helpful and inspirational article published a few weeks ago! This was an exceptional evening and I know all of you appreciate that this is not always the case.

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I really like both and don’t have a favorite between them. They each convey a different look and feel. I love the understated colors and both are very peaceful and tranquil.

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