This gave me a few chuckles

Oh the mental gymnastics we go through.

So glad I’m not the only one who dithers like this, but getting out of bed and into the field is always worth it even if it’s a little painful. :laughing:


So True! Corollary to the sports quote: (hockey, golf, basketball, etc. ) - “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…” I likely misquoted that from somewhere… but you get the idea…

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Too funny and oh so true.

And the older you get the harder it is.

That is so funny and so true!

I’ve regretted NOT going out many times – I was tired or busy and the weather didn’t look promising, but I’ve never once regretted going, even if I didn’t come away with any good images… [Edit] Actually, that’s not quite true, there was one time a couple years ago that I went out and was absolutely miserable. I had the worst headache and as I was standing there shooting a timelapse I remember thinking about how I didn’t want to be there and that I really wanted to go home.

I still really quite like the images I got so I have mixed feelings about that day. :blush:

I’ve done this! I hate it when someone tells you what you missed. A quote I try to remember now is, “Magic happens only if you show up.”


Isn’t it the truth??

It’s easier if you never leave the field. :wink:

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I’m packing to leave for a photo trip to Alaska tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out how few clothes I can take so I have more room for my photography related items. :grimacing: