Topaz Studio 2

I have been using Topaz ReMask, Gigapixel AI, AI Clear, DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI for quite some time and really like the plugins. I have been reading about the new Topaz Studio 2 and wonder if anyone here has experience with it. Is it worth the $100. thanks for any feedback.

Ed, I wasn’t charged the $100 for the upgrade because I was already using it I guess with some of the plug-ins that I had bought. It could have been just the timing, as I had just bought some more plug-ins, I am not sure, but I would go to their site and see by signing in and choosing the Topaz Studio 2, and see if it shows up in the cart with a charge or not. I like the upgrade, and they are keeping it updated (quite often). Wish you the best. I like free!

Thanks for replying Shirley. While I have AI Sharpen, AI Gigapixel and AI DeNoise I don’t have any of the Studio modules, so I would have to pay about $85 to get Studio 2. I did download the free trial. Here is my take. The standard adjustments for “normal” processing work pretty well, but frankly, I don’t see they are any better than working in Lightroom and Photoshop. As far as the special effects are concerned, they look fine for photo art, but it isn’t something I need. I am not saying that Studio 2 is bad, I am just saying it doesn’t fill a need for me.